Suao Highway Rest Area and Service Area

Works Information

Location : Yilan
Building Type : Transportation

Concept Of Design

Walk slowly and Arrive quickly
  There is an advertisement that goes: "The faster the world, the slower the heart."
  Highways represent speed, but you have to slow down when you approach a rest stop. The Suao Rest Station is an important transportation hub connecting the north with Huadong, and here is where we designed a fast to slow transition station. The straight line represents speed, and the curve represents slowing down. In the surroundings we can see mountains, seas, and streams, the images of all of which are incorporated into the curves of the design. The curves are the core architectural feature. In the restrooms, the stainless-steel mirror is integrated into a triangle wall system which replace the traditional square mirror in washing area. When people wash their hands, they can see the sky, the ground, and the people. The mirrors at night also reflect a light to light up the rooms.
  The road design in the rest station is also curved so you can stop and visit the area without having to rush off in a straight line. We took a different zigzag organic building design instead of a more traditional linear rest area design. People cannot see the whole building at once but rather have to take their time to experience it, and slow down their pace to rest. There is an outdoor ramp that visitors can walk to top of the roof, feeling the openness of the surrounding, and appreciating the beauty of the nearby mountains and rivers views. Visitors can walk though vegetation and sit on street furniture as one pleases to fully enjoy the mood of tranquility and relaxation of Huadong life.
  In our life road, slowing down is more difficult than moving faster, but here at the rest area the Architectural Vocabulary is: "Take your time to get there quicker."