KwaunDer Leader 101 Residence

Works Information

Location :
Site Area : 3,690 ㎡
Building Area : 1,445.95 ㎡
Building Type : Public

Concept Of Design

No piece of land is a bad Land
  This project is located at Section 5 of Xinyi Road, Taipei. The owner wanted to build all villas; however, our study shows such design results in cramped layout with minimal green space and distance between villas. Worst of all the design could not maximize the allowable building volume. We proposed another scheme with 330 m2 per unit villas at front section of the site and 200 m2 per unit Highrise apartment on back section of the land.
  For the owner there is no piece of land is bad land. However, some architects may feel land shape, size, topography, and poor surrounding environment results in poor building design. For us these conditions are not excuse for a poor design. Instead we take it as an opportunity to be creative and innovative to come up with good well received design to the client.
  In the planning of the villa, we used a European classical architectural style and incorporated a private green space to achieve owners taste and quality. In high-rise residential section, we increase the floor thickness by 30% to 20cm for between floors for better noise and vibration isolation. In addition, the high-rise design allows all apartments to capture mountain scenery from their living room, which is something could not be done with only villa design. The apartment dweller has quietness of villa life and enjoy skyline of nature.
  "No piece of land is bad land". We agree.