LDS Multi Stake Centers

Works Information

Location :
Site Area : 6,092 ㎡
Building Area : 2,581㎡
Building Type : Religious

Concept Of Design

A design dedicated to God
  As a place of worship and gathering place the Jesus Christ Latter-day Saint Church (commonly known as Mormonism), the challenge is to design a multi-use building within a confine of religious environment.
  The project resides next to the only six towers temple built by established by Mormons in Taiwan, based on reverence for Jesus Christ, the height of the new complex cannot exceed the holy tower, which represents Jesus, and certain distance has to be maintained to the tower. The design consists of space for worship and members activities in 1st and 2nd floors, and the 3rd and higher floors for offices and priests' quarters. To achieve flexible space, 1st and 2nd floors have long-span structure, which can accommodate large gathering by members for worship during the holidays. It can be used as a basketball court, and the temporary partition allows for many smaller classrooms, group activity and children's activity spaces depending on needs.
  The Taipei Temple on Jinhua Street is a sacred temple dedicated to Christ; therefore, all building on site must be made of materials of highest grade: quality of the materials, colors, and symmetry are all important. Materials damaged during transportation or construction are not rejected to ensure the highest quality building. The façade is cladded with arched marble stone with a unitized glass curtain wall system, the brings the western religious culture. The light coming through these curtainwalls lead the worshipper into tranquility of soul.