Fong Yuh Housing

Works Information

Location :Taipei
Building Type : Residential


Concept Of Design

Let the balcony be my café
  In this design, the first and second floors are designated as office areas, and the third floor and up s are designed as condominium with more than 100 pin per unit. The apartment and office area have separate entrance enable self-contained operation. The 4th floor is equipped with a flat terrace, with plants and a green space to mirror the image of a park on the street. In addition, there is a direct elevator that are reach specific floors directly to maintain the privacy of large households.
  The balconies, and façade all feature arc designs to soften the otherwise rigid straight line. The semicircular balcony allows for deeper balcony mandate by 1.5-meter code of Building that time. Maximizing the balcony, it opens up more uses, such as an outdoor table and chairs and romantic candlelight dinners. In the afternoon you can go out onto the balcony and relax in the warm sun, have a coffee, and enjoy the peace and quiet. This is what life is all about.