Pacific SOGO department Store (Duen-Nan Branch)

Works Information

Location : Taipei
Site Area : 3,101.72㎡
Building Area : 1,848.96㎡
Building Type : Commercial

Concept Of Design

Between watching and being watched
  A department store is a stage where people’s lifestyles and cultural tastes are exhibited. It is regarded as a key to understanding urban culture. People window shop and look for new gadgets, novel products, and fresh, trendy designs. Watching and being watched have become an integral part of modern-day shopping.
  To make the department store itself something to look at, part of the solid granite façade is replaced by transparent glass wall so shoppers can enjoy watching and been watched experience, the visitors can look through and admire the environment and shoppers strolling along the sidewalk. The curtain wall opens up the view to the park across the building to give tranquil atmosphere.
  The floors feature three distinct colors: black, gray, and white. Each floor is a different color, bringing together multi-level designs in combination with the rich flavors of finished products. As the main area of the department store is so large and spacious, it is located at the front, facing the most beautiful boulevard in Taipei City, Dunhua South Road. The service entrances and exits, and emergency escape routes face onto back alleys.
  The store design allows pedestrians walking past to admire the building and the merchandise via large open show window.