FuAn Memorial Building

Works Information

Location : Taipei
Site Area : 640㎡
Building Area : 294.59㎡
Building Type : Office

Concept Of Design

“Urban Green Lungs” Architectural Model
  The building is located on section 4 of Ren-Ai boulevard famous for its green belt, an oasis, in crowded Taipei city. Except for the elevator location, which is located within the building, the ground floor is almost completely empty and designed to introduce fresh air from Ren'ai Road as a buffer so air can circulate more freely. The naturally ventilated stairs and elevators bring in cool outside air to encourage natural ventilation. The special "Floating stair" design serves as a shaft for natural ventilation.
  The ground floor features a zero-coverage concept. All green spaces used by the building is redistributed to different floors and roof garden. A small green space is incorporated into every two floors. If you step out from the stairs and elevator, you can admire the green plants and breathe in the fresh air. Even in the corner of the office there is a space to breathe in natural oxygen.
  The concept of green building has always been the genetic blueprint of this project. A number of innovative green building technology, such as solar panels, computerized building management system. The rainwater collecting system collects water from roof and from the exterior curtainwall to the basement where it is garden irrigation and toilet.
Innovative concept and proven technology were able to design a “urban green lungs” building, which created a new model of green architecture for Taiwanese office buildings.