HSR Taichung Station

Works Information

Location : Taichung
Site Area : 117,774㎡
Building Area : 51,973.09㎡
Building Type : Transportation
Award : Winning record: 11th Chinese Architectural Golden Stone Award in 2003

Concept Of Design

No sign is a good sign
There are three main characteristics in this design:
1. Highlight the speed of the high-speed rail
  The high-speed rail is Taiwan's first 300km/ per hour bullet train the image of high-speed is best represented by the shuttle which shuttle back and forth. Invented in the 17th century, it brought revolution to textile. The bullet train like the shuttle pistons between and south of Taiwan with high speed and efficiency. The station took shuttle as concept and expanded into full functional train station to serve the public.
2. Large open space, without columns
  The platform features a large-span to avoid column on platform to give unobstructive view. Minimal column inside the station give a good open space so travelers can see where he needs to go without looking for signage. The inclined columns coupled with SRC structural support further reduce vibrations caused by trains passing through. Taichung Station is also the only high-speed rail station without columns on the platform.
3. No sign is a good sign
  The design of minimal signage to achieved clear and transparent open space where travelers will intuitively know where to go. All facilities to serve travel are visible in one glance: platform, ticket office, shops and transit to other mode of transportation without any complex signage. Thus “No sign is a good sign”
  The parking lot on the east side of the station features low maintenance concept. A triangular parking structure is typically inefficient, but design took the inefficient area and made into an open atrium at center of the structure. The atrium provided natural ventilation and natural light with vegetation planted. Atrium eliminate the mechanical ventilation and reduce both operational and maintenance cost. This This design won the 11th Chinese Architecture Golden Stone Award.