New Gateway of Taipei-MRT Nangang Line, Nangang

Works Information

Location : Taipei
Building Type : Public

Concept Of Design

Taipei's Arc de Triomphe - Xin Dongmen Station
Many years ago, Nangang was an industrial area filled with chimneys. The government planned three railways hub Nangang Kunyang Station. The Taipei City Government proposed a project with eight 22-story residential buildings and one 30-story office building.  The tender was for a joint tender project of bank and developers.
Nangang is located at the east corner of Taipei City and junction of New Taipei City. With the expansion of Taipei’s development, this project not only a residential and commercial office development, but it re-defines Nangang as the " Xin Dongmen Station " New City gate., echoing the Qing Dynasty-era original city gate that located neared near the Taipei Railway Station. The was built on top of the Nangang MRT Service Plant, which provided MRT train dispatching, maintenance of Bannan Line. The design includes a 120m long 100m high space frame gateway 100 meters high, which is approximately 30 stories, so commuters to and from suburb can witness the new landmark, of Taipei City, just like the Arc de Triomphe in France.
  Taiwan never have a structure that spans across a major road. The structure span across Zhongxiao East Road. The 100m high space frame gate achieved broke the old city gate with bold innovative design. The new east gate is a gateway view of the Taipei City future, with hint of a new Nangang as sub-city center of Taipei.