Taipei Performing Arts Center International Competitive Designs

Works Information

Location : Taipei
Building Type : Public

Concept Of Design

Bubbles in the water (the hidden theater)
How fun would it be to have a theater hidden under the river and surrounded by bubbles?
  Imagine a glass box with bubbles surrounding it. Inside the box is an opera house, a performance center, and a cultural café. Like a playwright’s creative treasure box, full of imagination, there possibilities are endless.
  The Taipei Performing Arts Center is located at the former site of the Shilin Night Market. It used to be a river, and since been land filled. The glass box is where the river used to run through. There are three theaters on the river, presented in the form of glass boxes of different sizes. A glass lighting cover is incorporated into the top to form a semi-outdoor space with shade and protection from the rain. When rain falls onto the roof, the shadow of the water drop is projected as a bubble, creating interesting lights.
  Taipei is a warm island, and the foundation was originally a low-lying river. This project plans to deepen the base to about 23 meters underground and introduce cold air from the subsurface layer, which can not only cool down the temperature, but also maintain the city skyline. This design refrain from massive visual impact disrupt already crowded Shilin area. Residents can stroll along the river and enjoy theater performances or participate in various impromptu sets as they please. Through light and interesting design techniques, the Taipei Art Center height is kept in scale with neighboring land and create a culture spot pot people and old Shilin Night Market, it can bring theatrical art to the people   without disruption the cityscape. People have temporary relief from the hustle and bustle of the city life and immersed in bubbles of art.