Kaohsiung “Maritime Cultural and Popular Music Center International Competition” -First Prize

Works Information

Location : Kaohsiung

Site Area : 114,855

Building Area : 27,172

Building Type : Public

Award : Prize-winning records: first prize in international design competition

Concept Of Design

Song of Wheal in the Ocean
  Have you ever used Jay Chou’s singing to drown out your wailing voice?
  The Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural and Popular Music Center International Competition, which revitalizes southern Taiwan’s music culture and provides a base for performances and development of the popular music industry, highlights the urban character of "marine culture" of Kaohsiung by mimicking the "bionic architecture" of marine ecology in the building design.
  The impact of the waves is reminiscent of the waves of pop music, reflecting the passion of young people for music. This case uses the wave shape to express the outdoor exhibition hall that can accommodate 12,000 people and the large indoor exhibition hall with 5,000 seats. The image of a whale leaping out of the sea to observe Kaohsiung Harbor is reflected in the small indoor exhibition space model, with the slope-like green grass on the back of the whale as it transforms into a three-dimensional green embellishment with thermal insulation. The dolphin jumping design is used as the design concept of the cultural and creative center, and the hexagonal structure of coral imagery is flexibly enlarged and reduced to different shapes, representing the spatial form of the cultural exhibition center.
  The waves, whales, dolphins, corals, concrete and micro-metaphorical center of marine culture and pop music come together to form a colorful sea, a beautiful island, and a lighthouse on the sea. In this case, our firm and the Spanish team Manuel Alvarez Monteserin Lahoz has formed an architectural design team of more than 100 people to defeat more than 140 sets of competitive designs from more than 20 countries. We won first place in the largest international design competition in Taiwan's architectural history. After four years of design and six years of construction, we created a pop music center with the ocean as the background of the music stage and sung your youthful eulogy.