Junior Fubon

Works Information

Location : Fuxing North Road, Taipei City
Site Area : 652 ㎡
Building Area : 324.77 ㎡
Building Type : Recreational

Concept Of Design

See non-simplicity in simplicity
  This design features a collection of single and twin room studio apartments located in a popular area near Songshan Airport. The façade consists of modern and simple exterior with hint of luxury to reflect this "World-Class Small Mansion".  All the studio consists of one- and two-bedroom configuration arranged rhythmic way within the symmetrical building structure. The careful use of stone pillar and curtain wall kept the cost reasonable and maintenance cost low, per client instruction.
  The main body of the façade used a 3D ribbon face bricks to set the luxury tone. Farther enhancement was done with modern decorative materials such as glass and metal to give rick texture and distinct expression. The circular stairwell treated with special ceiling adds uniqueness to the building. All the apartments have view to the mountain scenery of Yangmingshan, creating a contrast with the city environment the mansion is located. The mansion is full with the concept of sophistication within simplicity, creating an individualized apartment inside the building.