College of Electrical Engineering Computer Science, National Taiwan University

Works Information

Location : Taipei
Site Area : 644,839㎡
Building Area : 1,491㎡
Building Type :Education

Concept Of Design

Let the owner’s heart beat through the building design
The design that moved client’s heart
  Good communication requires not only listening, but also watching. The Boli Pavilion is the third hall of NTU Electrical Information, donated by Barry Lam, the President of Quanta Corporation and a member of the electrical department of NTU, and it is mainly used as a laboratory, research room, and classroom. The design and the communication with the owner took more than half a year. It was only after the hidden pieces from owner’s art collection were unearthed.  that the image of the "arch and gates", which repeatedly in his art collection. This is the missing link in the building design.
  In the early days of software programing was done by the (punch card) as an input media. The CEO Boli Lim, who designed the first computer in Taiwan, the punch card is a memory of his young days of writing software. The design of the Boli Pavilion incorporates the image of a punch card in the façade. Punch card theme is carried through entire building, façade, windows, the three-story high atrium and ceiling, made the design a unique style of electrical engineering a building that is rare on NTU’s campus.
  For us, good designs touch the hearts of the owners instead of just provide a design that could belong to anyone. Whether it is a punch card or a round arch, the building features are part of the client’s life-works, reflected in the building.