Quanta Computer Inc. Lin-Kou Hua-ya Science-Industrial Park Factory

Works Information

Location : Taoyuan
Site Area : 20,657.66㎡
Building Area : 7,058.27㎡
Building Type : Factory

Concept Of Design

Like an open book
 Like an open book
  The project is designed with two sections; the front is the administrative area, and the back is the factory area. The plant consists of modular square maximum efficiency, but the span and height were designated by the client to meet the production requirement for production of note book computer.
  The building façade and the factory entrance use "an open book" as its design concept. The flowing curve line of façade and lobby with modern design brings a touch of culture to the factory, which can be otherwise can be very mondain. This is a reflection of Quanta chairperson’s wisdom and taste.
  The main reception hall houses various art and culture artifacts that chairperson has acquired. There is a special pace allocated for paintings, calligraphy, sculptures and other collections. By chairperson, a collector of Taiwanese contemporary art.