The National Athletic Association Headquarter

Works Information

Location : Taipei
Site Area : 3,290㎡
Building Area : 1,347.83㎡
Building Type :Office

Concept Of Design

Both classic and modern
  This building is divided into two sections; the front- section is the main entrance to the office of the Olympic Association and the back-section houses offices for the General Sports Association. The front-section uses large span and shear wall design. The character of the building is implanted with classical architecture DNA to create a symmetrical classical style that echoes the Olympic Games with a history of more than two thousand years. The rear building uses simple geometric lines to create a clear style, both classic and modern, just like the essence of sports.
  There are more than one hundred units in the General Sports Association. Every two floors in the room features a mezzanine design so that the space can be used as a combined meeting area. There is also an atrium between the two floors connected by staircase for visitors and employee to walk and avoid the use of elevators between floors. These design techniques are used to facilitate communication between the numerous units spanning every two floors.