Fujian Zhuzi Cultural Park of Wuyishan

Works Information

Location : Fujian

Building Type : Commercial

AwardsInternational competition First place



Concept Of Design

Mobile museum
  This design is located in Wuyishan, mainland China. The local government uses this as a stronghold and hopes to establish it as a tourist area and to rebuild the academy founded by Southern Song philosopher Zhu Xi. The new and old academies, sacrificial corridor, and the international cultural and creative island make up new tourist attractions.
  In this design, of the sacrificial corridor, we broke the concept of a common staircase corridor in traditional Chinese memorial buildings, and made into an innovative corridor design to form a semi-indoor space with walls and ceilings. The space is punched with hollow cut-out Chinese character depicting the philosophy and spirit of Zhuxi's theory: acquaintance with things, governing knowledge, sincerity, righteousness, self-cultivation, equanimity, governing the country, and peace, all of which are expressed in the form of space. The light projects to the wall and floor through hollowed out text giving various light images depending to time of the day and weather condition. Through the three-dimensional space corridor, visitors can experience Zhu Zi's doctrine through the interaction of text, space, and light when walking and moving through the staired corridor. At night, light from the inside of the corridor is transmitted to the exterior, and from the outside of the corridor visitors can view and enjoy the night light show of Zhu Zi's theory.
  Remodeling the traditional architectural-oriented Zhuxi Cultural Park with deconstructionism, and replacing the traditional manifestation of cultural relics with the concept of a "mobile museum" projected by lights, turning the tangible into the intangible, is the key concept of this design, which was awarded first prize in competition.