National Taiwan University of Arts, Youzhang Art Museum

Works Information

Location : Taipei

Building Type : Education

Concept Of Design

The pure aesthetics of "less is more"

The Youzhang Art Museum is the original two-story building of the National Taiwan University of Arts. Due to insufficient space, there are plans to demolish and expand it. The existing museum has a long history and full memories teacher-student interaction. It is a landmark and spiritual symbol of the school. In this design, we kept the two-story structure foot print and design a four-story new building. The two-story museum is completely retro, and the 3rd and 4th floors treated with "a cloud floating on top of the original museum" as the design concept, allowing the soul of the original and the appearance of the new building to co-exist come together and work in harmony to form contrast of shapes and contrast of old and new art museum.
  Due to the large size of the new museum and to make up for the lost open space, we created a sky plaza on the roof terrace of the second floor of the museum. Just a piece of grass and a cloud in the sky can satisfy the creative imagination of artists. The design technique of wall blanking draws on the pure minimalist aesthetics of “less is more”. From the perspective of the roof terrace on the second floor, the other building is still the scale of a two-story building like the original, but with a purer sense of space, and full of Zen and imagination.
  Art pursues the essence of the heart, that is, the original appearance of nothing and so the blank design of the wall echoes the essence of emptiness. The human scale of the lower floors and the pure white walls are also like the void or white clouds. It is both nothing something as you interpret it.