Taoyuan Public Library

Works Information

Location : Taoyuan
Building Type :Public

Concept Of Design

The library in the rice field
  The special feature of this project is introduction of virtual library constructed out of wooden lovers in addition to the more traditional library space. The rice-field-style grille layer resembles vaguely transparent urban façade like gauze wings, a book in the wind or a rice field in the sun, forming a virtual library that can be shaded by the wind. The stairs connected in series are transformed into the image of terraced fields, and you are walking from the outdoor stairs to the top and access to the library.
  If you feel tire of traditional library space you can go to the virtual library outside to soak in the sun, get fresh air, or bring your favorite books to read there 24 hours a day without affecting the operation of library and regulation.
  In addition to the rice fields, we also use the image of "Pitang" to recreate the exclusive landscape of the Taoyuan Municipal Library. The so-called Pitang refers to a retention pond agricultural irrigation. In the past, Taoyuan with its many ponds was once known as the "Qiantang City", and it was a characteristic of Taoyuan agriculture in the early years.
  Take a piece of real Pitang as the design plane, integrate this geographical feature into the design, and transform it into a small space that can be outsourced as a cultural and creative shopping mall: theme restaurants, small bookstores, and coffee shops. Let this semi-outdoor learning space become a bright spot for nightlife in the city, becoming a space where people can participate in activities beyond reading.
  Tonight, I’m going to have a coffee in the moonlight at the Taoyuan City Library in the rice fields.