Urban Renewal of China Town Plaza and Fucheng Axis Belt District

Works Information

Location : Tainan
Building Type :Public

Concept Of Design

The ugliest tree transforms into best scenery
  The "Landscape Reconstruction Plan of the Fucheng Axis Belt" is the Tainan City Government's overall plan to overturn the surrounding environment of Chinatown as it hopes to demolish the declining area, breathe new life into the surrounding environment, and reshape the urban landscape through environmental art and street block renovation.
  Canals once brought prosperity to Tainan, and we used the two themes of "flow" and "clear" to run through the design of the whole district. The flow refers to a design that can be moved and induce growth over time. For example, the Hai’an Road covered by this design is a famous snack street in Tainan. We propose the concept of an "edible landscape", with papaya, mango, luffa and other common edible fruit trees in Taiwanese homes replacing ornamental plants commonly used in general landscape designs. On both sides of Hai’an Road, there are many restaurants serving hot fried seafood. You can go directly to the front to pick tomatoes and cook scrambled eggs with tomatoes using only locally sourced foods. There is an extension of the shop and a courtyard for tourists to stroll around it. What can seem like an ugly tree can provide the best Taiwanese landscape.
  The crowded the city need space for relief, so we created a public area within this waterscape green belt. In addition to introducing water, we also left some open spaces for flexible to use by the people., so people are attracted to the openness and can use them for any activities as was in early days of canal history. Through regional reengineering, we will introduce water into this gray urban area full of tales and legends, and reintroduce prosperity in this declining region.