Inter-Continental Hotel in Toyomi City Okinawa Japan Local and international planning and design team

Works Information

Location : Okinawa, Japan
Building Type :Commercial

Concept Of Design

A rope can string together nature, culture and memory.
In ancient times, the Okinawa of Japan used rope knots to record things. In this design, there are three parcels of land spread out across different locations. We use the image of a knot to connect the entire sites, so that the overall façade of the hotel is like a knotted rope, stringing together the land, lanes, and sea breeze of Okinawa.
  The plan of the design is curve-shaped. We though a fan shaped design would be the best design, but we realized it will produce fan shape rooms, which is difficult to design and use. We solve the problem by staggering the rooms to create a curve façade we and still maintain the rectangular room shape. The solution is cost effective and kept all the ocean view for all the rooms and the curve architectural features. Care done taken to avoid view to the industrial are far across the bay.
  This project is the result of collaboration with the well-known Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and us. His works are rich in the design heritage of the Zen style, and he is good at using natural building materials to integrate air, sunlight, water and other natural landscapes. We had a lot of experience working with international architects and were blend right in with this cooperation. The international team members from Kengo office necessitate we had to communicate in all three languages, English, Japanese, and Taiwanese. We look forward for more project abroad.