Tainan Public Libraries

Works Information

Location : Tainan
Building Type :Public

Concept Of Design

How a book pages transform into a library
  This design takes the simplest of concepts of a book pages, and transforms it into the pages of a book into that is ultimately used to a library. The 8.5m × 8.5m unit sheet is not only the outdoor terrace of the library, but also a metaphor for a piece of paper full of knowledge and information. A single page can represent a lawn, a reading space, a plant, or a terrace, where people can read a book, enjoy the sunshine and get some fresh air.
  At different times, at different angles, and indoors and outdoors, there are different light and shadows flowing through the bu8ilding. The light leaks from the gaps between the sheets, and the wind flows slit openings, forming a library full of light and fresh air. In the semi-outdoor space below the pages, you can see loose sheets flying like sails, which are engraved with a poem or a piece of text.
  The idea creating by one-piece pager from plane, space, and become beautiful focal point., one page can become a beautiful attraction is eye opening. Overlooking the library, a map of Tainan and images of the old rice fields are displayed on the roof. The floating paper sheets in the air are like sails of a boat, which brought civilization, knowledge, and power to Tainan.