Commissioned design technical service case for the new construction of Jingqin Building of National Taipei University of Technology

Works Information

Location : Taipei
Building Type :Education

Concept Of Design

Urban mobility -- 3-D movement dialogue skin
The urban dialogue must be created from a path of natural activity. In this case, we have made use of the skyway to re-sew the relationship between NTUT and its base, while the stairs (safety ladders, non-extra cost staircases) are directly laid out as connected to the peripheral buildings and sidewalks, forming a 3-D network of architectural movement. Then, its mobile characteristics are combined with attributes of floors to arrange related event points (display, rest, discussion, etc.), activity spaces, facilities, etc. on the pathway. As such, they establish an organic and 3-D activity network to present its various living urban expressions, turning it into a landmark of dialogue between NTUT and Taipei City.