Newly-established Primary School Construction Project in the Guanpu District of Hsinchu City by Hsinchu City Government

Works Information

Location : Hsinchu
Building Type :Education

Concept Of Design

Civilization development towards the “seed hope on children city” originated from the rivers, and the hope of the city also comes from children. Guanpu Elementary School is a “child city” for the future! It is also a “river city”! Most of all, it is definitely a fantasy city full of glass marble! Such an ecological city with technology, culture, creativity, and ecology! The city has solar panels, greening, and sunshade; furthermore, it is all wrapped up in a chip image, whimsical marble riverbed, as well as a marble game platform, city framework, and school with akin streets and roads. Looking toward future city life, the stream of history contains historical, educational, and cultural rivers, all built within the framework of rivers and akin to the river structure.