New Taipei City Museum of Art International project

Works Information

Location : New Taipei City

Building Type : Public

Concept Of Design

The architectural expression of the gallery
  Is beauty order, symmetry, or clarity? Or is beauty just the shadow of a shadow?
  Everyone has a different definition of beauty. For us, the New Taipei City Museum of Arts was one of the first public art museums in New Taipei City. We hope to build it a complex of art museums that integrates art, design and architecture, and through the combination of precise and meticulous architectural craftsmanship, allow it to perfectly interpret the simplicity of tranquil and charming gallery.
  The building is adjacent to the Yingge Ceramics Museum. The stratum in this area is dominated by sedimentary rocks and contains a large amount of clay minerals. A lot of these materials are used in the famous Yingge Ceramics. In the design of this project, the terroir-like architecture that reflects local materials and cultural features is incorporated, and through the structure of rocks and pottery pieces, the architectural expression of the art gallery is stacked one by one. The building façade is composed of glass fiber reinforced cement, and recycled ceramic composite materials are mixed with the cement to produce a subtle reflective texture.
  A part of the space, the museum is covered with earth; the roof is covered with green plants as an extension of the greenery, and using the lines of the slope, the building is integrated into the hillside, forming a semi-underground building so that part of the space is concealed. This combination of above and below ground has created an ecological space that is cool in the summer and warm in winter. Children can experience ceramic manufacturing processes here and ride their bikes nearby, while adults can enjoy the art. This truly is a national art museum for the citizens of New Taipei City.