Taichung City Cultural Center

Works Information

Location : Taichung

Building Type :Public

Concept Of Design

In the eyes of foreigners, QQ milk tea, pearl milk tea, and bubble tea are actually the mixed drink of tapioca pearl and milk tea these two parallel lines of foods seem to be on different tracks, but, in a creative combination, the Taiwanese have reinterpreted the development of Taiwanese tea culture. Meanwhile, it has also rendered new life to traditional Taiwanese tea, thus bringing pearl milk tea out of Taiwan and marketed all over the world.
Basically, we think that the library provides the foundation of knowledge, just like milk tea quenches thirst, while the museum of fine arts is the crystallization and sublimation of knowledge, which is turned into a chewable “bubble”.
The plane of library “milk tea” is unveiled with the “folding” method of ancient Chinese books, providing both a “flowing” function of space and moving lines, and its skin is done in the metaphorical image of Chinese characters with a grid-like double skin, which has the function of structure and ECO grille. The opened “folding” space has also created the opportunity to merge and collide with the museum “bubble”.
The change in size and scale of the < Museum of Fine Arts> bubble, as well as the flexible combination of arrangements, makes it possible to adapt the space to various independent or linkable exhibition functions. More importantly, one can freely “float” between libraries to create random, heterogeneously integrated functions, so that the roles of book-man and fine-art-man are mutually exchanged and shared at random, and they become the “bubble tea” of culture.