2017 FISU games village, Linkou, New Taipei City

Works Information

Location : New Taipei City  Linkou
Site Area :  A: 25068 ㎡ / B: 19796 ㎡
Building Area : A: 7518㎡ / B: 5335㎡
Building Type : Residential

Concept Of Design

Excellent social housing
  The Linkou National Housing, which also served as the player's village for the 2017 World University Games, brings Taiwan's most beautiful scenery to life: human emotions combined with architecture.
  We proposed the concept of a "Sky Arcade", a design where a public space set in each of the odd-floor as part of stair case. The space is decorated with greenery, the semi-outdoor space for residents to use s they wish. Linkou is windy; this design introduces wind corridors to cool down the building and residence with natural breeze. The residence is oriented for maximum morning sunlight.
  During the World University Games, the sky arcade became melting point for culture exchange for the athletes. The complex was converted back to National Housing, and the arcade became a space for residents to socialize. Residents can decide how to use this diverse and flexible social platform. It can be a sun cafe in the afternoon, a temporary place of worship, a smoke-free space, or a play area for children that is open yet safe.
  The residential unit is designed as three or four rooms, and the guest dining room that was converted into a room for five or six people through use of drywall partitions for the athletes during the game. After the event, the building reverts back to original design as housing with good ventilation and natural light for the new residents.