Taipei Nangang Convention and Exhibition Center Planning

Works Information

Location : Taipei
Building Type : Public

Concept Of Design

 City in Sky (Sky Exhibition Hall)
The World Trade Exhibition Hall is an important gateway between Taiwan and rest of the world. How can we make Taiwan stand out and be seen by the world? We propose a unique space idea: let the exhibition hall float in mid-air.
This was designed in cooperation with Japanese (Metabolism) architect Kikutake Kiyoshi. The Metabolism school advocates that buildings should be metabolized like living organisms, and can be replaced and increased at any time depending on changes and needs so that they are organic and flexible. Kikutake Kiyoshi's famous Sky House design for his own use in Japan elevated the first floor completely thus creating the illusion that the house is built in mid-air.
The Nangang Exhibition Hall 2 has an elevated first floor design, so that the most of the exhibition space is suspended in the air. The exhibition hall starts from the second floor. First floor open space formed under the “Sky City” exhibition hall. This space not only connects the entrances of the old and new exhibition halls it also provides open space for the public which has a great importance from city dweller’s point of view. During non-exhibition days the space is open to public. The "Floating Aerial Exhibition Hall" not only solves the problem of high density of street corridor. The open space on the first floor provides great space for civic activities. It is naturally ventilated and light. Spaces will be complimented with full of greenery, creating a pleasant visual experience. When the exhibition hall is fully utilized, the open space can become a temporary exhibition space with no boundary. This is full accord with the spirit of architectural concept of Metabolism “School's flexibility, growth, and regeneration”.