Overall Development Project of Yulon at Gong-qi Road of Hsin-tien

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Concept Of Design

Design concept of the entire area

This case is the core of the green cell, so it must shoulder the missions of ecological “turning” and “bearing”! Especially after experiencing the value movements from different eras, the last piece of pure land of “Yulon” must further return to the ecological “origin,” taking land reincarnation as its start!
The “runner of life” has become the design concept of the overall district in this case, and its significance shows that the spirit of the Yulon Group has been “turning,” moving, and ascending! It simultaneously reflects the “wheel” of the peripheral mountains around the base. The new value of the restoration base once again should be the original appearance of ecology and the dynamic city of the future! Therefore, both the commercial and residential buildings will be arranged along their spokes for deployment, shaping the largest ecological green space, and the center will be the original point of the ecological wetlands that can help bring and turn them into butterflies!

Side by side , the “moving castle'' and “floating forest'' individually interpret the main axis of design of the commercial and residential area for the dynamic city.

Design concept of the business area

The main design concept of the business district in this case is to develop a unique and avant-garde “mobile city” concept based on Yulon's outstanding corporate “Moving Value Chain” (MVC) concept! As for the three planes of this future city, they should be found on the important corporate cultural sports (Yulon Basketball), fashion (Armani), and art (Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum) of Yulon as connotations, which present the image of a streamlined, interactive, and unique “free stage!” In the end, the entire city will have a special outer shell, a layer of technological, dynamic, breathable, green double skin that echoes the advanced ecological proposition of Yulon. Ultimately, it will become a unique “mobile city” that combines “technical people” and “art and humanity” into one.